a fun photoshop class for bloggers.


this is a big day! we are so proud to launch the BRAND NEW BLOGSHOP website!  this adventure has been a crazy great whirlwind so far, and for us, this is the next chapter. we’re so so greatful for all the folks who’ve joined us, and for all of you who will learn photoshop with us in the future!

take a look, and you can read all ABOUT us so you feel comfortable making the big decision to join us. you’ll can also see all the pretty pictures and videos of our PAST CLASSES!

You can find all of our favorite FRIENDS—the vendors we’ve worked with and loved. you can get a peek at the buzz about blogshop in the PRESS section. and as always, you can see all of the latest on our BLOG.

maybe best of all, you can visit the SHOP to sign up! we have picked a BUNCH of new cities to teach.

hope to see you there!

ps, it was wonderful working with eva & zoe on this website and i want to send a big thank you to my blogshop team for helping this site come to life – much love to all of you!


new york, round 6? wow. this city never gets old for us. each time it’s such a different experience and this one was one of my favorites. i happen to love this rainy month in new york. here’s a peek inside blogshop this time around…

1. we love pretty much everything they make at jess LC. these canvas silver cloud totes were perfect to hold all our presents!

2. let’s get old school for a minute. talking on the phone is way more fun with these colorful pop phones. i want every color.

3. these luxurious little magnets by bird and feather are real rough amethyst and quartz crystals. sweet, huh?

4. mini minted art prints will undoubtedly be hanging around with our NYC students at their homes and offices, inspiring them as they practice their blogshop skillz.

5. i love the scent and color of these coconut milk mango essential tins from illume candles. mine is sitting right on my nightstand.

6. fig + yarrow sent these basil and cardimom lipbalms in these cute little tins. one will stay in my purse at all times.

7. our friends at knot & bow brought little packs of confetti for everyone. that was a big hit when we made our animated gifs!

thank you rebecca from a daily something for decorating our class! that balloon wall scared the daylights out of me, but i loved looking at it. and kelly from 2h flowers your flower arrangements were adorable!

here are some of the instagrams from class using the blogshop NY hashtag!

to sign up for blogshop you can go right here! (we just had one free spot open in this weekend’s LA class if you want to fill her spot!)


over at blogshop we have been having talks with our alumni or people that are thinking about taking our classes and one topic that keeps coming up is…”we know we WANT to have video content, but it feels too hard or too time consuming.” or “i can barely keep up with my blog schedule, how am i going to make videos for it too!”

we want you to know it’s not as hard as you think it is.

you can come to our class with an iphone if you want! we will show you how to shoot unique video content and then edit it all in photoshop. in fact, we edited this commercial all in photoshop! we have our ultimate LA video blogshop next week and our SF one in november! let us show you that you can do this too!

to sign up for blogshop video: blogshopla.bigcartel.com

we hope to see you there! -bri


ok, angela and i sat over our calendars and circled away through the rest of the year based on all of your requests! take your pick and we can’t wait to see you there! we just got home from dallas and had the most amazing time.

we are REALLY thrilled about our new video classes. no more being scared to create video content for your blog or your business – we promise you smooth sailing!

a fun photoshop class for bloggers. sign up for blogshop here

we have all of our class recaps and photos here and here. we’ve had 28 sold out classes so far!

and watch some of our videos to see what class will be like!


blogshop recently took a little trip to dallas, and well, we like the way they do things down there! from our awesome space, to the gorgeous decor and delicious food, not to mention a batch of students who were stoked to learn some photoshop, this session was all aces.

alicia and adam of bows and arrows created these unreal floral arrangements—again, not getting married just yet but they REALLY have me thinking bouquet!

the girls at cheerfully charmed sent over these bright bubble necklaces that can really punch up any outfit. how great is this turquoise over stripes?

you know we’re all about fun office accessories over here, so when we sat these prism page flags by girl of all work we knew they’d be perfect for marking important stuff.

these delicately-scripted bonjour stamps by molly jaques are perfect for making cards and little notes, and were hand-illustrated! the poloroid notecards are an all-time favorite of ours and were a treat from the amazing modcloth, who also gave these non-planner datebooks (for those of us who want to be more organized without being too stuffy!)

the students also got these little limited-edition art prints from our friends over at minted, perfect for hanging at the office or on an inspiration wall.

many notes were taken on our custom pinhole press notepads, which are unique to every city. kind of like a little collectible trading card, but full of ideas!

how can we not have something gold in here, right? these sweet gold-foiled thank you cards by pei design will be available soon on her online shop, and are a great way to give a (beautiful) shout-out to someone who helped you out. and just check out her dotted pencils too!

clearly we couldn’t wait to take a bite of these adorable sugar cookies from manjar. they are so good at making bright fun camera cookies and can even make your instagrams into custom treats!

we also included these shea butter soaps. these little washi-taped mini-bars are handmade from soulsister soaps.

can’t get enough of these floral arrangements!

want to be a part of the fun? we’d love to see you at one of our upcoming blogshop classes! we have a bunch of recently announced destinations, so snag your spot here!

were you in our dallas class? we’d love to hear from you, and encourage you to keep in touch and tag yourself in the photos via our facebook page. thank you for making this last blogshop so special! and make sure to enter the big blogshop giveaway(including a free spot to class, adobe photoshop, a wacom tablet and so much more!)

OH! and thank you rewardstyle for partnering up with us this time and throwing us a little cocktail party after class!


toronto blogshop was a real delight. easy travel, beautiful weather, a bunch of eager learners, a park picnic, drinks at the drake and yes, we got to try poutine too…

and here’s where you can grab a ban.do heart tote of your very own! i’ve been carrying mine everywhere this summer.

snap + tumble – it’s true, we DID wish you were there with us. snap + tumble is a letterpress line of small stationery goods hand-printed in toronto.

sorelli jewelry – i love these little crystal cluster earrings (below) + that coral gem necklace up above.

my lovely assistant alex made the students these little craft kits – glitter, tags, colorful strings + clips.

3. shevon/nacho – these cute little heart pins, because who doesn’t like a red heart? in her shop, you can submit a photo of your animal and she will make a stuffed pillow from it. funny huh?

we had an outdoor picnic while giving our brains a photoshop break, it was really awesome to chat with the students outside of the classroom.

gus and abby – i am a big fan of her illustrated cards and color choices!

we have started using a hashtag each class so people considering taking the class can get a feeling of the workshop from the student’s eyes. you can see all their snaps here! the flowers that dee (our go-to toronto gal) made were a big hit.

like what you see? you can sign up for the threeblogshop classes we just put up here! let us teach you our photoshop tricks for your blog!

and we have joined facebook and updated all of our class albums. we’d love if you would tag yourself in your class photo!


have you guys heard of the everygirl? run by two savvy business women alaina and danielle, featuring ladies who are doing cool things! angela and i were honored that they chose to interview us in chicago during our blogshop class. they asked how we started, how it is working with each other, how we put it all together and so much more…

they hung around after the interview and snapped a bunch of photos of us doing our thaaang in class.

to check out the full feature that went up this morning, head over here! thanks for having us ladies!

photos by stoffer photography


these are some photos from our chicago VIDEO class! which I loved so much. (see more chicago photos here and more about what we teach in the class here)

okay, those gold leaf white vinyl “just be cool posters” rocked my world! mine will be hanging in my studio for sure.

and you have to try out the customizable pinhole press journals!

we taught a whole section on lighting and even let all the students make these foam core light reflectors to take home and make their shoots better. i really enjoyed hearing angela talk about the theory of it all. (she’s a lighting genius!) we went over stop motion, shooting on a tripod, times of day to shoot, cameras that we like etc…

hey check it out, we had a guy join us too. i’m always surprised at the amount of guys that sign up. don’t be scared men, we don’t bite!

thank you maleesa for making beautiful little floral arrangements for all the tables (the students snapped so many photos of them on the hashtag!)

and how ’bout those leather polka dot business card pouches? i’m also really into her gold clutches!

thanks for being our first video class guinea pigs! our next video class is in LA, but we’re considering dallas (after regular blogshop) and new york next!

to sign up for blogshop, you head right over here! and request YOUR city here!


don’t we look like the cast of SNL here? i love it! this was our awesome chicago blogshop gang taking a photoshop learning break.

we taught at THIS awesome loft space owned by photographers kristen + chris barker. they were the most generous & spunky couple — we adore them. they were also the ones that sent me their portfolio in a view master! (see here)

now a little about our chicago sponsors…

1. pinhole press: we have been working with the rad folks over at pinhole press for a while now. it’s always fun to get the box of photo journals with the new design I made for the students!

2. jonna saarinen: these aqua + magenta patterned dish towels were really interesting. sort of like a little beautiful sponge. (and how great are those pink legs on the stools!)

3. cutting edge stencils: those are cool wall decals. i would use metallic paint for a cool effect!

4. i’m a big imm living fan. (remember this post?) the students each recieved one of these pretty porcelain letter openers.

that’s me peeking over student’s shoulders like a proud teacher as they get creative and work on their own blog posts with their new skills.

5. penelope’s press: hand drawn letterpress chicago cards! so simple and cute.

6. sucre shop: patterned ice cream spoons. because we all like ice cream in the summer time.

7. fieldguided: a dreamy sequin photograph that would be perfect hanging in your dressing room!

and thanks always to our friends at adobe photoshop for your amazing giveaways!

stay tuned for more about our chicago video class up next! angela and i left chicago feeling really happy at how well it went! we weren’t sure what it would be like to teach a whole new curriculum after being so used to our normal routine (and to be honest we were sort of winging it on this first one) but the students learned a ton and a lot of them even told me that video didn’t intimidate them anymore. (score!) i’m hoping to take this class all over the country as well!

to sign up for dallas or toronto blogshop go here!


(post by bri) every time i visit portland i can see myself moving there one day. besides the amazing food & drink choices, i just like the vibe there. and i miss being surrounded by blooming trees. our blogshop class was delightful to teach. a laid back bunch that I was sad to say goodbye to.

now, let me tell you a little about the special handpicked items & blogshop sponsors!

1. poketo! you know this awesome company, right? they have an insane amount of cool office supplies & wonderful accessories. i chose these pie graph sticky notes to give to the students.

2. fontana studios reached out to us about having blogshop in their amazing collective artist space. it ended up being the perfect location! cool people (check out their art!) and very inspiring decor.

3. we love citrus. this gal touched my heart. she missed her flight and her husband drove her 9 hours (!) to make it to class! he should win an award. she also brought these mini gold stork scissors and materials for the students to make these lavender heart pillows. there’s lots of fun craft supplies in her shop here.

4. my recent obsession is these twistbands! they don’t dent or damage your hair when you put it up AND they look good on your wrist. i sometimes wear 2-3 colors at a time because i think they’re pretty.

5. our lovely intern rebekah {and former student} went above and beyond for us! she has an event company A & B Creative, so she showed off her skills and made the decor for class. those gold dipped vases & this string art sign were my favorites.

6. collude: triangle earrings in my favorite color yellow.

7. ashley page norton made these merci cards with japanese masking tape! i loved her color selections. see more designs here.
8. i thought it would be fun to have little sack lunches for everyone in class. elephants delicatessen has great local food that was a big hit.

9. creative thursday: i am obsessed with these bundles of fabric with whimsy illustrations on them. she’s got a great eye for color.

10. dry soda co! i am such a sucker for good packaging. i quit drinking soda a few years ago but i will definitely break rules for these dry sodas! simple, punchy colors — they’re a great addition to a party you are throwing!

11. whisker graphics donated these mini patterned bags. i can’t tell you how many times i have used these to give little gifts to friends.

to sign up for blogshop classes in your city, go right over here! and we are still taking city requests, so drop us a note!