what we are all about!

by blogshop

bri is a type nerd.

angela likes film.

bri likes polka dots.

angela likes stripes.

wait, bri likes stripes too.

angela likes stop motion.

bri likes to blog like crazy.

angela can’t whistle. so don’t ask.

bri’s favorite meal is brunch. which is cheating, when choosing favorite meals is concerned.

bri and angela’s boyfriends are in a band together.

bri’s blonde hair turns green from the pool.

angela has been a photographer since she was 16.

bri wrote in her journal when she was 13 that she wanted to be a graphic designer. (beat you angela)

angela got engaged in a photobooth.

the point is, without sounding cheesy, we are just two girls who love our jobs and want to inspire you.