by blogshop

after this second blogshop we put on in LA last weekend, we are positive this is something we absolutely love doing. watching people learn photoshop, get inspired about starting their new businesses, make blog posts they always wanted to make. it is so rewarding and something we hope to do for many many more months.

the heirloom LA catered lunches really gave us street cred, considering it was an all out buffet of delicious and well presented food. those guys over there really put their ALL into what they do, and I recommend them like crazy.

and wow! people have donated the most wonderful things so far. the students not only learned for hours, but they walked away with these cute emmadime bows, little camera magnets, a designlovefest journal, a love bottle, an awesome chalkboard decal and more. gift giving has always been my favorite, and it’s especially fun to spread the word about up n’ coming artists.

you are in luck. we are taking this class around the country due to all the bloggers out there that are so eager to learn (even talks about taking the class to berlin!) but we are off to berkeley next month (july 30-31) and there is a handful of spots left! read about all the details of that class here on sfgirlbybay!

to sign up or to bring BLOGSHOP to a city near you, email blogshopla{at}

photos by: angela+ithyle