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what people are sayin’ about BLOGSHOP…

“I just spent the last two days in photoshop bootcamp aka blopshop, taught by Bri of Design Love Fest and Angela of Angela+Ithyle. It was a great experience! I had a very basic knowledge of photoshop prior to the course, so I’m very excited to incorporate all the new stuff I’ve learned like retouching (yay!), animating a photograph (actually pretty easy), and other cool tools to use for future posts.” – Lovingly Simple

“The class is taught by the lovely and energetic duo, Bri Emery of Design Love Fest and photographer Angela Kohler.  Seriously, the best teachers, they were clear and specific, patient and just fun to be around! …. From what I have heard, Bri and Angela are taking this thing on the road, so sign up!  Thank you, thank you, Angela & Bri!!!  I learned so much, but I feel like I have barely scratched the surface of what the program can do.  Now I have the base knowledge and confidence to try things out!” – Salvage Life Blog

“If you are wanting to up your photoshop skills for your blog but don’t know where to start, I really recommend this class. Bri and Angela were the best teachers and really made sure you were learning the proper steps to each skill. I was hesitant to go since I thought, “how much could I learn in just 2 days?” But boy, was I wrong. BRAIN OVERLOAD.” – Clouds & Candy

“learned Photoshop for bloggers over the weekend, courtesy of Blogshop. Taught by the talented graphic designer Bri Emery (who I have the pleasure of working with through one of my corporate clients) and photographer Angela Kohler, the two-day course covered everything (and more) that I needed to know and I feel like it was one of the smartest things I’ve done in ages. In addition to all the learning (about 16 hours!), there was delicious Heirloom Catering, goody bags, a quick portrait session with Angela, a Smilebooth and new friends. Thanks ladies!” – Victoria Namkung