by blogshop

i still can’t believe we taught in paris. and frankly i’m still recovering from the depression of not still being there. we held our class in a photo studio right near the place des Vosges. it had a beautiful garden entrance and a very eclectic vibe. here is a peek inside our trip…

photos by angela+ithyle

i wore that thunder in our hearts bag every single day in paris. on my arm, not my head. it’s fun to walk around making such a statement!

we felt it was absolutely necessary to give the students a few of these french cards from rifle paper co. (below) isn’t the handwriting and little paintings so perfect? that company does it right every time. and i fell in love with these eye poetry paris photographs. (above) i thought it would be a special memory, especially for the students that traveled far and wide to come to paris for class.

and hold UP! can we talk for a second here about how cute those little food jars are? now that is a DIY project that needs to happen stat. when tifamade approached me about catering our blogshop i knew she was absolutely perfect. she makes tiny cakes and sandwiches and delivers them to you in a suitcase on her pink bicycle! how fun would it be to have her bring little cakes to you and your friends in the park?

those “dude” cards by tokketok crack me up. especially because it is a word i cannot seem to stop saying these days. and how beautiful are those simplesong design calendars? such a good gift for a friend for the new year!

and i have these ayofemi wish bracelets in a couple of different colors that I wear together. they are simple and delicate but they also add some brightness to your outfit.

here are some snapshots i took  from around the city…

i remember seeing this store in paris on jordan’s blog. then we ran into it while walking around one day. you pick out different colored balls and they string them together for you to make a beautiful strand of lights. such a fun concept. if they were collapsible, i would have definitely bought some for my loft and brought them home with me.

one of my favorite memories in paris was taking the late night boat ride through the city. sipping champagne and watching the eiffel tower sparkle is just as enchanting as it sounds. i don’t think i will ever forget that night.

my boyfriend
has been workin’ hard on putting together the video from both cities. and i am itching to show you guys tomorrow! i just keep watching it over and over and wishing i was still there. so many happy times.

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