photos by angela+ithyle

well guys, another blogshop under our belts. and another 20 students ready to hit the ground running with their blogs and their new photoshop skillz. (hey guess what, we just joined twitter too! follow us, wouldya?)

we got the new blogshop magazine in the mail just in time for class! we’re so happy to be passing them out to our students now!

one of the things i love most about planning blogshops is hand picking items for the goodie bags and making each one feel special. this way I can showcase new artists and etsy sellers and share them with you guys too! a two for one deal.

those LA wine totes from maptote are pretty sweet. and i really like their new travel cases with cute drawings on them. and if you know me, you know i have a thing for baby triangles. so those tiny armour simple gold earrings were a perfect addition.

and you guys must know about uppercase magazine! you do, right? they support the artist community and always have the best cover art!!

i have this THING for yellow these days. i think it’s slowly but magically becoming my favorite color. those west elm canvas laptop cases were fun to hand out. (also an affordable gift for the holidays!).

the pretty please nail polish is a cool thing to show you guys! i designed the logo for them a while back, so it’s amusing to see it put to use on the bottles. you can customize the nail polish name for your event, so we thought we would be real clever and choose “retouch red” for blogshop.

my friend megan from mae mae paperie is a graphic genius. her new synchronized swimmer cards make my heart sing.

we couldn’t resist using whoa nelly catering this time around! they went with a wintery comfort food theme that had all the students raving! angela recently used them to cater her wedding too, so we are clearly pretty big fans. they made us little shepherd pies in jars that were a REAL hit. i wanted to eat 5 of them.

oh, how could i forget! thank you Adobe for letting us give a few copies of Photoshop CS5 to the winners of our special contest. and thank you joanna for being a wonderfully helpful intern!

all of our US cities are sold out at the moment. (wahooo!!) but London, you are more than welcome to sign up right here!