by blogshop

photos by angela kohler

yep, that’s a skate ramp in class. we taught our boston blogshop in this really amazing space called the Fringe Union, full of cool creatives and makers. i can’t say enough how much it means to me to be able to work in an LA office with other inspiring artists and how much that changed my career. they have that same family vibe happening here in boston. we all rolled up our sleeves and learned photoshop.

and somewhere in there we chomped on delicious b.good burgers and talked about blogging.

when fatima reached out to me about how perfect her heart utensils would be for blogshops, immediately my answer was yes yes yes! they came in all sorts of vibrant colors and had the most beautiful packaging & branding!

i had my eye on those arrow totes for a while now. they are so simple and go with pretty much anything. i figured the boston class would love them as much as i did.

that’s stebs and his girlfriend alicia up above. they are such passionate artists, and make such a power couple! you might also remember stebs from that video he shot for us in new york. so happy to have met them and now teach in their office!

i like mini things. always have. but these mini polka dot and patterned washi tapes are almost too cute to handle. they come in a little pack of 3 and would make a great stocking stuffer for that crafty pal of yours.

obviously, we have huge love for oh joy products! she’s a dear friend and someone that really guided me on this freelance path. i owe her more than a few cookies. i was so happy to hand out her patterned mailers to the class!

i have like 10 paddywax candles at my house. their designs are never too swirly girly, which i like. they were so generous to give the students some of their holiday candles!

i remember one year i was so obsessed with lip balms that i told my mom that is all i wanted in my stocking. i got so many that year it was unreal. this alligator happens to like earl grey.

these hot pink geo earrings are so good looking that i almost want to eat them. check out all the colors and gold dipped ones she has too!

we met a guy named mike who has a letterpress studio in the space. angela & i both really want to learn how to letterpress! especially from this dude.

we even had a mom + daughter duo in class! they traveled to boston together to learn photoshop with us, which melts my heart a little.
thank goodness there was extra gold heart stickers, because i just go around putting them on everything in sight now. definitely very designlovefest. her whole etsy shop is cute actually.

and our cute little group…

the new york post is coming soon after! thanks boston, we are still talking to each other about how much we loved this class. your energy was infectious and we can’t wait to see what you do with your new skills!

to sign up for our upcoming blogshops, you can do that right here!