by blogshop

i always love at the end of class when we get to talk to our blogshop students about inspiration. and our philosophies on blogging and creativity. this particular new york class had so many questions, which made me really happy.

i get asked a lot “aren’t you afraid to give away all your secrets?” and the answer is not really. my hope is to teach every single last thing I know about photoshop and blogging and watch the students find their own voice. it’s been amazing to check back to some of their blogs and see their growth.

rebecca from a daily something sent these beautiful applewood necklaces for the students that she handmade! they are like little coasters of carved love.

see those pretty NYC prints below? they are from eye poetry. she sure knows how to capture the most beautiful elements of the city.

my friend (and high school classmate) katie rodgers from paperfashion is one of the most talented illustrators I know. I pulled her on the rue project this year to illustrate the blogger side by side column. she was so generous to give our NY students some of her beautiful 2012 calendars. take a look at the pages here…

and below, representing even more handmade goodness is paper & olives! i couldn’t resist the stamped feeling of her holiday cards!

you can read a few of our student’s post about the class here and here and here!

we know lots of you are asking for blogshop for christmas. (which is awesome) our march NY class is filling up, so hopefully you get a spot wrapped with a big bow under your tree this year!