by blogshop

we stopped in new york to teach blogshop before heading to london. (it sure made that flight short and easy) there was such a wide variety of students attending this time. high school students, moms, food bloggers, wedding planners, stylists, writers…the list goes on. it sure makes things interesting in there!

great links from our new york class!

1. colorful chanel nail polish poster! samantha’s illustrations are so wonderful.
2. rebecca tricked out our space with that cool window decor & vintage props!

3. tattly: a never ending supply of well-designed temporary tattoos.

4. curious creatures: we love these geometric brass triangle necklaces. simple and lovely.
5. tokketok: perforated cards with funny words you can pass out to your friends.

6. knot & bow: our favorite place to go for metallic twine!
7. pretty please: a student in our class handed out these “blogger babe” nail polishes! you can name your own polish for parties and events.

8. we really enjoy working with pinhole press to make our blogshop notebooks. we just upload the artwork for the cover and a photo for the inside and that’s it. it’s super easy and has given me a place to write my 5,000 to-do lists!

angela and i had a big meeting tonight and picked a bunch of new cities and dates. sign up for our mailing list and be the first one to know about it when they’re announced!

as always, we love you new york! you can expect we will be back.