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this time we made ourselves right at home at victoria’s house for SF blogshop (two classes back to back). we had never done that before, and I felt proud that we were even able to sell two in a row! it was pretty exhausting, but at the same time totally fulfilling. there are so many new blogs about to be born after those classes, and that makes me feel really great.

we taught in this space called the bold italic (if you live in SF, you have got to check this place out!) it was an artist’s paradise. now, let me tell you a little bit about our awesome sponsors!

1. maptote: SF tote bags that were beyond perfect. find your city here.
2. One True Love Rentals set up these cool vintage school themed props! they do great work.

3. Enjoy Events Co: two adorable gals that NAILED the flower arrangements & garland decor. if i was going to turn into a flower arrangement, this is what i would want to look like.
4. Greenhouse Design Studio gave our students these beautiful linen napkins (i’m so happy i was able to snag one!) and these natural tea leaf soaps that smelled fantastic.

see, isn’t this space so rad? the wood work was beyond impressive. (and another flower arrangement by the enjoy girls!)

5. Reverie Daydream: these detailed letter press monogrammed flat cards (i like these too)

oh! and two of our students traveled all the way from guatemala to attend the class. crazy, right! they brought these little handmade “worry dolls” to give to everyone as a nice gift. you are supposed to put them under your pillow to take your worries away. boy, do i need that.


6. Ellington donated these colorful leather change purses (the bold red is my fave)
7. MattieLuxe made individual place mats with the student’s names on them! great for parties.

8. Acme Party Box: these cute DIY terrariums. green thumb not required.

9. Wasara: i am seriously obsessed with this company. They sell these disposable cups, bowls and plates that make your events look top notch. the design is extraordinary!

10. EarthLust: eco-friendly water bottles. hey, we keep our students hydrated!
11. Viv & Ingrid: tiny stud earrings to wear on a casual day.

12. Uppercase Magazine: one of my favorite magazines! I gladly pass these babies out in class. (have you read the most recent issue?)

this group was filled with a buncha fire balls. ready to learn. ready to tackle photoshop! ps, designers have you taken a look at the new version? i am excited to see what’s next.

thanks caitlin for hosting the class & helping us put together a wonderful event! couldn’t have done it without ya.

if you want to learn more about what we teach in class, head on over here and here! (still a few spots in portland) and we are getting ready to announce new cities…sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know about it.

i have been thinking a lot about blogshop. and i feel apart of something big. bigger than i can imagine really. and that feeling can’t really be put into words…