SF / 2

by blogshop

i am excited to show you around a little bit more inside the bold italic space we taught at in san francisco! there are so many good workspace ideas (textured walls, hanging light bulbs, cool decor!) and let me fill you in on the cool products we gave our students at blogshop!

1. noteify heart SF tote bags – represent your city!

2. see those instagram magnets up there? i loved how they turned out! stickygram uses this great matte finish and gives you these tiny little memories to stick on your fridge. a great way to print out your vacation photos. or give them as a gift!

that wood wall makes me want to bust out a saw real bad. someone needs to recreate this!

3. wood + metallic yoyos from something’s hiding in here! (love the packaging in those bags!)

typewriters on the wall? ok, i’m sold. and you see that yellow wall up there? it’s made purely of PENCILS! imagine the patience that took. turned out awesome though.

4. colorful cutout arrow cards (see all the colors here) designed by ashley pahl!

5. our friends over at arch supplies sent us these cool wooden pencils & notepads. fit the vibe of the space quite well! have you guys visited arch? you should!

those hanging lights looked amazing!

6. you must check out all the new spring scotch nail polish colors over here on hip apotheca! i’ll take one of each please.

just angela + I loungin’ around before class…

and an additional shout out to wasara for your lovely tableware, uppercase magazine and our friends over at adobe photoshop!

i know, that wall is incredible! and so was this class. thanks for showing us such a great time, san francisco! excited to see a whole lotta new blogs come to life.

to sign up for blogshop or learn more about this photoshop class for bloggers here! i see canada in our near future. and portland right around the corner!