by blogshop

these are some photos from our chicago VIDEO class! which I loved so much. (see more chicago photos here and more about what we teach in the class here)

okay, those gold leaf white vinyl “just be cool posters” rocked my world! mine will be hanging in my studio for sure.

and you have to try out the customizable pinhole press journals!

we taught a whole section on lighting and even let all the students make these foam core light reflectors to take home and make their shoots better. i really enjoyed hearing angela talk about the theory of it all. (she’s a lighting genius!) we went over stop motion, shooting on a tripod, times of day to shoot, cameras that we like etc…

hey check it out, we had a guy join us too. i’m always surprised at the amount of guys that sign up. don’t be scared men, we don’t bite!

thank you maleesa for making beautiful little floral arrangements for all the tables (the students snapped so many photos of them on the hashtag!)

and how ’bout those leather polka dot business card pouches? i’m also really into her gold clutches!

thanks for being our first video class guinea pigs! our next video class is in LA, but we’re considering dallas (after regular blogshop) and new york next!

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