by blogshop

toronto blogshop was a real delight. easy travel, beautiful weather, a bunch of eager learners, a park picnic, drinks at the drake and yes, we got to try poutine too…

and here’s where you can grab a heart tote of your very own! i’ve been carrying mine everywhere this summer.

snap + tumble – it’s true, we DID wish you were there with us. snap + tumble is a letterpress line of small stationery goods hand-printed in toronto.

sorelli jewelry – i love these little crystal cluster earrings (below) + that coral gem necklace up above.

my lovely assistant alex made the students these little craft kits – glitter, tags, colorful strings + clips.

3. shevon/nacho – these cute little heart pins, because who doesn’t like a red heart? in her shop, you can submit a photo of your animal and she will make a stuffed pillow from it. funny huh?

we had an outdoor picnic while giving our brains a photoshop break, it was really awesome to chat with the students outside of the classroom.

gus and abby – i am a big fan of her illustrated cards and color choices!

we have started using a hashtag each class so people considering taking the class can get a feeling of the workshop from the student’s eyes. you can see all their snaps here! the flowers that dee (our go-to toronto gal) made were a big hit.

like what you see? you can sign up for the threeblogshop classes we just put up here! let us teach you our photoshop tricks for your blog!

and we have joined facebook and updated all of our class albums. we’d love if you would tag yourself in your class photo!