by blogshop

over at blogshop we have been having talks with our alumni or people that are thinking about taking our classes and one topic that keeps coming up is…”we know we WANT to have video content, but it feels too hard or too time consuming.” or “i can barely keep up with my blog schedule, how am i going to make videos for it too!”

we want you to know it’s not as hard as you think it is.

you can come to our class with an iphone if you want! we will show you how to shoot unique video content and then edit it all in photoshop. in fact, we edited this commercial all in photoshop! we have our ultimate LA video blogshop next week and our SF one in november! let us show you that you can do this too!

to sign up for blogshop video: blogshopla.bigcartel.com

we hope to see you there! -bri