by blogshop

this is a big day! we are so proud to launch the BRAND NEW BLOGSHOP website!  this adventure has been a crazy great whirlwind so far, and for us, this is the next chapter. we’re so so greatful for all the folks who’ve joined us, and for all of you who will learn photoshop with us in the future!

take a look, and you can read all ABOUT us so you feel comfortable making the big decision to join us. you’ll can also see all the pretty pictures and videos of our PAST CLASSES!

You can find all of our favorite FRIENDS—the vendors we’ve worked with and loved. you can get a peek at the buzz about blogshop in the PRESS section. and as always, you can see all of the latest on our BLOG.

maybe best of all, you can visit the SHOP to sign up! we have picked a BUNCH of new cities to teach.

hope to see you there!

ps, it was wonderful working with eva & zoe on this website and i want to send a big thank you to my blogshop team for helping this site come to life – much love to all of you!